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The knowledge revealed in this spiritual teaching will be accessible to all of humanity in a couple of hundred years. But you can have it today. It is the most important knowledge that a person can ever acquire, and it has the power to forever change the course and history of your life.

The Last Truth

Tired of playing popular games of spiritual intermediaries - manifestation techniques, affirmations, visualizations, channeling with no result and ready to have a direct relationship with The Creator, without any middlemen.

Fed up with never-ending tough “life lessons to grow from” and ready to graduate from being the student of life to being the creator of it.

Sees the impracticality of mainstream spirituality that doesn’t create financial success, conflict-free relationships, unshakable self-worth, and other material proof of the effectiveness of a spiritual path.

Realized that “working through” the mind's insecurities, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and ancestral traumas only creates more things to “work through”.

You Are Ready For The Last Truth If You Are A Spiritual Seeker Who Is:

The Last Truth will be the most memorable un-learning process you ever went through and the last course on self-development that you’ll ever need.

About The Author Of The Last Truth

Nina Verkoeyen, a former psychologist and a spiritual leader called “the modern female Buddha” by LA Weekly, has almost 20 years of teaching experience in human consciousness and more than half a million students worldwide.

In 2016, Nina Verkoeyen underwent a spontaneous awakening that profoundly transformed her life. She received advanced spiritual knowledge that was unlike anything she had encountered before. As she documented the numerous epiphanies that came to her during that time, the writings ultimately formed the foundation of her main work, known as THE LAST TRUTH.

Before awakening, Nina taught yoga, meditation, and various spiritual practices for nearly a decade. However, after gaining this newfound understanding, she began to view these practices as intermediaries that obstructed our true nature as creators. Consequently, Nina ceased teaching all she had learned from her mentors and books. Instead, she founded Meta Spirituality, a spiritual tradition, and movement that aims to spread the advanced spiritual knowledge she acquired.

The Last Truth, the landmark program of Meta Spirituality that conveys the Truth of who you are, is a three-week-long spiritual process of becoming The Creator. It is a process of being born anew and the most advanced spiritual teaching in the world, bringing enlightenment on the program's second day.

The Last Truth covers all aspects of life and addresses every question a dedicated spiritual seeker has ever had, showing how to live and express yourself as The Creator in physical form and be able to create the world at your will.

Thousands of people have been forever transformed by The Last Truth.

You can be too.

When I first heard about the concept of Meta Spirituality from Nina, I felt like I came home. It's going to give you answers to all of your questions. It warms my heart to know that right now you're here, you're reading these reviews, which means you too will receive this Truth. Follow this call. Trust it.

— Victoria Evangelina Allen, holographic coach
Las Vegas, USA

This program for me is a truth manual. Imagine being in a fog, and suddenly you're given a spotlight of unprecedented power, with which you're able to highlight the treasure you've been searching for all your life. I couldn't have wished for a better, purer and clearer guide than Nina. My heartfelt gratitude for her tremendous work, for the energy, and for the endless refinement of the ways of communicating the Truth.

— Alexandra

I came across Nina a few years ago and consider it to be the turning point of my life. Before, I was searching for meaning, purpose, and how to express myself through business. I tried so many things, but nothing seemed to work. And then finally I came across Nina. Now run a successful coaching business, and my clients range from California to Bali. I'm really happy, my relationship with my husband is amazing, I've been in great health and can say that it is mostly thanks to Nina's teachings. I would recommend working with Nina to everyone. Nina's knowledge will change your forever.

— Sofia Adamova, energetics coach & business mentor
London, UK

I met Nina on Instagram three years ago and getting to know her changed my life completely. The knowledge that I received from studying her lectures changed my life, changed my attitude, and now know how to influence external events in my life. It's hard to believe, but it's true and I would like to tell everyone: if you want to know who you are and if you want results, highly recommend Nina as a spiritual teacher. Nina, thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life.

— Alena Himin, consciousness coach
Milwaukee, USA

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Frankie B.

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Jesse N.

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Jamie L.

Within a few minutes of your registration, you'll receive an email detailing how to access the members' area of our website. There, you will find the first lecture of The Last Truth. We recommend listening to one lecture per day for better absorption of the material.


Every day, a new lecture will be unlocked for you. An email notification will alert you each time fresh material is ready. To listen to new lectures, follow the links from the emails or the main link of your personal account. 


Also your members' area will provide a group chat link. This chat is where all participants can connect and raise questions. Nina will address queries in the chat daily, taking a break on weekends.


No need to log in at specific times; there's no live streaming. All lectures come in an mp3 format, meaning you can tune in whenever suits you best.


If you're someone who prefers the written word, rest assured – transcripts of all lectures will be at your disposal.


Access to the lectures have a shelf life of 30 days on your account, but your entry to the group chat remains unbounded by time.


After The Registration:

I've been with Nina since 2019. I can honestly say that my life will never be the same. Everything has changed 180 degrees. I came out of a five-year co-dependent relationship. I finally realized what I want in my life, what I want to do. I'm SO thankful to Nina for everything she did, for her wisdom, and for all the people she brought to us and introduced us to. It's been wonderful.

— Julie Perlovsky, spiritual coach
Miami, USA

In a matter of a few months of working with Nina, I've become a different being. I've been a Seeker myself since the age of four. I was searching and searching. I was fortunate to work with the most amazing leaders and mentors. But my spiritual wisdom was not in alignment with the emergence of a new consciousness. Nina answered all of my questions. I'm no longer a Seeker. I've come home and I can truly enjoy my physical embodiment. Nina is unique, I can't compare her to anyone. She has a special ability to share information that is not yet available to anyone.

— Snow Lukka, yoga teacher
London, UK

Nina is truly the best thing that happened in my life. Hundreds and hundreds of expert coaching programs that I attended were not able to bring me long-lasting effects. After just one hour of listening to Nina's lectures, everything changed. I now have this unshakable feeling of self-worth that gives me an inner motivation to do anything. I wish everybody could have this feeling in their hearts. Before I only had questions and doubts. Now I have answers. I have the energy, knowledge, and motivation to create the life I want. Everybody needs this knowledge.

— Julia Attal, spiritual coach
Paris, France

I took Nina's program this year and my life quickly changed. I became a creator of my life, whereas before I was just a victim, not knowing what to do with my life, not knowing how to achieve my dreams or goals, how to be happy, or how to love myself. Now I have a new life where I don't suffer or complain. My relationships and my work have been fixed. I have an impulse from Nina's energy that has completely changed my life for the better. I'm so grateful for my new state of mind, for my new state of energy, for new possibilities. Thank you Nina for this program.

— Elisaveta Sivas, spiritual coach

Nina's course is my main gift to myself. In the current situation in Ukraine, when I had to pack my whole life into one backpack, Nina's teachings supported and guided me. Only now I fully realize Nina's teachings about the power of perception. If everyone realized the Truth by listening to her - the world would change. Thank you, Nina, for the opportunity to know my true power and true value.

— Oksana

Nina, will not get tired of thanking you for your program; it changed my life. I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of years the price for your programs will be 10 or even 100 times higher. This knowledge is priceless!!!

— Vladlena

When Nina's knowledge came into my life, my life split it into two parts: before and after. Before, I didn't even know what life I wanted to live. Now, all my wishes and my dreams come true easier than ever before. I became more self-confident and my state of mind doesn't depend on other people's opinions and emotions. My income grew. I started my own business because I'm not afraid of expressing myself anymore. I don't live in my past. I don't live in my future. I only enjoy the present moment after Nina's knowledge came into my life.

— Anna Levashkevich, yoga instructor

I'd like to share my experience with Nina Verkoeyen's programs. What she brings to us is truly transformational. I came into contact with it just a few months ago and it has already completely changed my life, my perception of myself, of people, and the world. Nina's courses and webinars have a huge impact on you, changing your mindset and the way you think. As a result of all those inner changes in perception - my relationships have improved and I've realized what my genuine calling and purpose are. Now I feel unstoppable. It's crystal clear to me who I am and what I want. This knowledge opens all the doors and gives the power and freedom that many of us have been longing to have forever. It has brought my life to a brand new level in so many spheres. I'm deeply grateful to Nina for her work and for the difference that she makes in the life of so many people. I'm sure that everyone needs to learn from her to create the lives of their dreams.

— Daria Badeeva, simultaneous interpreter

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